The Story Of MIP

Improving livestock health in Israel
since 2010.

Improving Livestock health in Israel, Since 2010.

MIP Veterinary is a leading company in the Israeli livestock industry, offering a wide range of veterinary solutions. We help our customers achieve optimal animal health and productivity through our portfolio of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, parasiticides, and feed additives.

As proud members of ‘Itzkovich group’, we are an industry integral company and meet diverse types of clients and friends along the way. We serve different veterinarians, farmers, farm suppliers, feed mills, and other industry experts in need. 

We welcome every collaboration with open arms, and are happy for every opportunity
to learn, help, and improve.

How does it work?

We oversee the entire process of registering and importing our products to Israel. Our in-house team of Veterinarians and QP-responsible pharmacist have extensive experience in all regulatory affairs with the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Veterinarian Services at the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture.

Our products undergo rigorous quality control measures in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP) standards certifications issued by the Israeli Ministry of Health.
Using our effective supply chain, dedicated marketing team, and collaborations with other agricultural suppliers, we distribute our products effectively to end-users across the entire Israeli livestock industry, including cattle & beef, small ruminants, swine, and poultry.
(Even the zoo 😊)

Our clients' success is our priority.

Established over a decade ago, we built our brand as a symbol of quality thanks to our reliable products and services. We developed strong relationships with trusted experts in various fields of animal health and we rely on their constructive feedback as we verify our products’ impact.

Our team of Veterinarians team up with our international partners to organize lectures, conferences and technical support for our products, making sure the market understands our products’ benefits.

Meet our respected partners

We are proud of the close relationships we have established with our partners’ experts throughout the years, and thankful for their support and guidance as we lead our clints towards success.

There are many ways to improve livestock health in Israel.
Let us know if we can help YOU do so. 

Welcome to the family

The ‘Itzkovich Group’ has its roots in a family-owned farm back in the 1950s. As farmers, we have always valued the role of ingenuity in enhancing our productivity. Innovation has enabled us to optimize our use of resources, reduce our environmental impact, and increase our market competitiveness, so we believe that innovation is not only a necessity, but also an opportunity for us to grow and thrive in a changing world. 

We have been a part of the livestock industry in Israel for many years, learning from our own experiences and from the best practices of others, and developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that farmers face in the different sectors. We believe that by sharing our approach with others, we can help them reach better results by maximizing their farm productivity and improve their livestock health.

Our group consists of three companies working together to meet the diverse needs of livestock farmers in Israel.
Whether you need facilities solutions, feed solutions, or veterinary medicines and farming supply on a weekly basis,
we have you covered.

MIP Veterinary LTD

Registering, Importing, and marketing of veterinary products.

B.M.I Solutions LTD

Advanced livestock feed and facilities

Colbovet LTD

Veterinary supply for the livestock industry

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